The Written words has a long and elegant history.The artistic and decorative style of letter writing is known as “Calligraphy” In 2013 we started our under brand name “MUKTAKSHARE” was started on Facebook by 2014. Currently this page has received about 7k+ likes with a strong feedback on social media hence it has been taken into account in mumbai and Maharashtra… Read More


Muktakshare Calligraphy Course consists of three courses. Basic Calligraphy, Advanced Calligraphy, and Digital Calligraphy. Important material required for basic and advanced calligraphy courses will be provided to the students by us and charges will be included in course fees…

Muktashare Calligraphy Classrooms are air-conditioned and of peaceful atmosphere along with comfortable chairs for students. A batch of 15 students is been made for better understanding and for providing one-to-one teaching for the students. We take care that any of our students are…


The art of Muktashare is been presented in attractive and various Devanagari styles. Logophile people have whole-heartedly appreciated this art. As this art/design has its copyrights, hence copying and editing this art/design is strictly prohibited. If anyone likes this art/design and wants to…


Expressing oneself’s emotions or thoughts through a word or sentense in a beautiful handwriting is Calligraphy. This Calligraphy looks like pearls when done in vertical and horizontal lines and there is no doubt these words impress people as well. Beautiful handwriting is an art. Everybody might look at the words through different perspective. If we practice religiously and regularly these words start to look beautiful. How you hold the pen or brush, hight and width of the letters, these things become very important. We need to have preciaion in it.


To learn this art we need follwing tools, 45° degree pen, square pad or graph paper, and black ink.


Beautiful handwriting gives lot of confidence, enhances your confidence. People pay lot of respect to person with beautiful handwriting. No matter intense the meaning of the writting is, if its not written in beautiful handwriting, not many attempt to read it. Those pages tend to be unturned.


With Calligraphy you can write greetings, love letters, invitations, wedding cards etc. Your Calligraphy can make these auspicious days all the more inviting. In this time of digital advertising, calligraphy holds a very important position. These letters not only get attention of people but give them lot of options in form of different style and fonts. You can start the revolution of letters.


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